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An audience response system (ARS) or personal response system (PRS) allows large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question.  
Typically ARS consists of 3 main components:
  • Keypad/clicker: the actual hardware input devices that are given to each participant/audience member
  • Base Station/Receiver: the receiver, or interface,  for the keypads to communicate with the computer 
  • Software: the program that organizes and displays data 
The combination of these 3 components allows the presenter to have limitless feedbacks from his audience.
Keypads range in multiple features.  Typically a keypad consists of selection keys that vary in numbers.  They can
be as simple as having:
  • a yes or no key 
  • touchscreen display 
  • a full QWERTY keyboard  
The main function of the keypad is to give the audience member the keys to select the answer choice for a typical question.  They can be true/false, yes/no, 1-4/a-d for multiple choice questions.  
These are the standard industry features for a typical keypad: wireless, 5 option keys, battery powered.  Basic keypads such as the Reply Mini, and the Enjoy SIR117 are credit card sized with 5-6 answer/option keys and are wireless, using radio frequency (for Reply Mini) or infrared (for SIR117) technology.  
Higher end models of keypads consist of features such as an LCD display, touch screen with QWERTY keyboard, and more answer/option keys.
The base station acts as the receiver that connects the keypads to your computer.  It connects the same way a USB receiver connects a wireless mouse to your computer.  
One base station is able to connect multiple keypads to the same computer – the specific range of keypads changes but it is typically in the range of 200+ keypads per base station. 
The base station varies according to the model of the keypad.  One model of a base station can work with multiple models of keypads or multiple models keypads can work with the same model of base station.  Specifically the Reply CRS941 base station works with the Reply Mini and the Reply Worldwide keypad model – and the base station supports any combination of the 2 models up to 250 keypads at once.
The software is the organizer that collects and displays all the data.  Using the software, you ask a question (What is your favorite color?) and give answer choices (,,, 4.yellow) – the audience members select their choice from the 4 colors and the software will display the result.  
There are many other features that are supported by ARS software such as:
  • teams and points for competitions
  • timers 
  • games
  • auto save and backup functionality
ARS offers the best solution and flexibility to get instant feedback from your audience. It is used in:
  • company shareholder meetings to select new policies 
  • game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire when asking the audience for help
  • In school classroom for taking attendances to conducting tests


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