Advanced Features

  1. On-the-Spot Slides

ARS software allows you to create on-the-spot slides.  For example, if you are running a presentation and an audience member comes up with a question that pertains to your presentation, you can create a question and answer slide for that new question without exiting the presentation.  You can immediately vote after you create your new slide. 

  1. SMS (Texting)

SMS, or texting, allows you to use your keypads to type in words, phrases, or sentences as input toward a presentation.

  1. Moment to Moment

The Moment to Moment ARS software is stand-alone software which allows you to gather the feelings of the participant during a presentation.
For example, you want to release a new commercial for a product, but want to get input on your commercial first.  You want to know how each viewer feels during the entire commercial, such as when he feels the commercial is funny and when he feels the commercial is lacking.  Moment to Moment allows your viewer to tell you precisely his reaction throughout the entire presentation.

Moment to Moment software benefits:

  • Advertising
  • New Product Releases
  • Live Events
  • Debates
  • Entertainment Screenings

Moment to Moment ARS Software help collect valuable, anonymous information from individuals.  It allows you to obtain continuous feedback from your audience.  Moment to Moment is an effective marketing tool.