Basic Features of ARS Software

Although ARS systems provide a variety of unique functions and features, there are some features that are extremely useful for presentations; these are the basic features.

The basic features include:

Demographic Polling

Demographic polling allows you to poll and show your results based on demographics; demographics pertain to age, gender, origin, and preferences.   You can later display results from other slides by those demographics.  For example, if I ask my audience what their favorite food is, I can later display those polling results by gender.


The roster is a list which allows you to create and manage teams or pair an individual with a keypad.  In terms of education, the roster is the absentee list which allows you to keep track of which students attended class for that particular day.  

Dual Monitor

ARS software allows you to use its software on two monitors, which allows you to control your presentation while displaying your presentation to your audience.  For add-in ARS software, programs such as PowerPoint usually have the Dual Monitor feature already.  For standalone software, you may have to browse the program for a dual monitor option.


This allows you to show a countdown clock, which is useful when you want to test your audience.  The countdown timer shows you how much time is left until the polling finishes for that slide.

Point Systems

It is possible to create a question with a correct answer, in which the point system will allow you to assign points for each correct answer you designate.  Every time a voter selects that correct answer, the voter receives x amount of point based on how many you assign to that correct answer.  You can also use the points system to create multiple choice questions for tests.  You can combine the roster list function with the points system to keep track of an individual’s progress and how many answers they have wrong or right.

Safety Measures

The software will automatically save your data in intervals.  This keeps your data safe, just in case you accidentally exit the program.

Exporting Data

ARS software allows you to export your data from polls onto separate documents, such as an Excel, Word, or PDF file.


Games help make your presentations more interactive.  Common games include Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Graph Styles

ARS software gives you the option of changing the look of your polling graph.  You can change bar colors, bar styles (e.g. pie charts, horizontal bars), and color of the background.