Software: Add-in and Standalone

    Software is very important in ARS.  It is how you interact with the hardware and how the flow of data is controlled.  Software should be one of your biggest factors in selecting your system.  Software must be installed on the computer that you are running ARS on.

When it comes to ARS there are 2 categories that software falls under:

  • Add-in
  • Stand Alone


Add-in:  This is software that adds in to existing software – most commonly PowerPoint.   An add-on gives ARS functions and capabilities to your existing presentation software.  You launch it by starting PowerPoint and there should be a new tab or menu item for it within PowerPoint.

  • With add-on ARS software the learning curve is minimal.  Since it adds on to PowerPoint there is very little to learn in order to use ARS.  It builds on what people already know.
  • Your presentation is created and displayed on an already established and industry standard software PowerPoint.


Stand alone:  These are software that is designed specifically for use with ARS.  They are isolated software (separate program) that you fully install on your computer like Quicken, Microsoft Word or iTunes.  You launch stand-alone ARS software by going to Start>All Programs> Software name, or by a short cut in your desktop.

  • Stand-alone software is designed specifically for use with ARS and sometimes for a specific field only – such as education/classroom testing or shareholder meetings.
  • Because these are completely new and independent software – the learning curve is higher.  You have to learn a completely new interface to use ARS.
  • Quality of the software is completely dependent on the individual manufacturer.