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Audience Response Solution is a one stop source for all information relating to audience response systems and audience response system vendors. Recognizing a void in honest and impartial audience response system comparisons and company evaluations, this site was created to inform shoppers about their options, and to create a forum where ARS companies could interact with customers in a neutral setting. If you’re shopping for audience response systems or just looking for more information on what audience response systems are, then you’ve come to the right place. Audience Response Solution is run by a knowledgeable webmaster and informed by the input of every audience response system vendor and dealer on the market. The information on this site is open to review and revision from all our visitors, and information updates and corrections from vendors and customers alike are encouraged. Finally, a former ARS professional serves as Audience Response Solution’s webmaster, ensuring that the information listed on the site is honest and impartial. Advertisements on this site are just that—they’re advertisements (you’ll know them by their position on the sides of the page). Everything else is guaranteed to be fair information about audience response system vendors, dealers, and products. This is the ONLY site that regularly updates and supplies this information. Before choosing any ARS vendor or product, make sure to research them on this site. Every audience response system comes with unique features, and might be better or worse for different users with different needs. The information and audience response system comparisons on this site will help you make the right decision.


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