H-ITT CRS (Classroom Response Software)

H-ITT CRS was developed by teaching professors to deliver a powerful data collection and analysis software set that is simple and intuitive to use. The flexibility and options of the H-ITT CRS are all directed towards allowing you to maintain all aspects of what and how you teach and seamlessly integrate all the benefits that "clickers" provide for an interactive classroom. The H-ITT CRS is used by educational institutions from kindergarten through advanced college graduate levels as well as corporate board room activities and training. It consists of two applications that can be used on a single computer or used on separate computers:

Acquisition, used in the classroom to collect responses from all H-ITT's answering devices, both hardware remotes and web based solutions.

Analyzer, is your grade book for all Acquisition sessions. It can be used as a standalone or can export to other grade books and student management systems.

H-ITT CRS supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Free software trial download available.
Source: H-itt software support/manual

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