INTERWRITE® Response Software

INTERWRITERESPONSE is a next-generation student assessment system for the digital classroom. Used alone or in concert with an interactive whiteboard or a wireless tablet and INTERWRITEWORKSPACE program, INTERWRITERESPONSE gives you instant feedback on what your students are learning or need help with.

INTERWRITERESPONSE is designed with the instructor and student in mind. We understand the demands on your time, so we designed INTERWRITERESPONSE to be powerful but simple to use. The INTERWRITERESPONSE software asks, "What do you want to do?" and in a single click, you can set up your hardware, create a new class, collect student responses, or manage your class data.

The INTERWRITERESPONSE voting toolbar "floats" on your desktop so it is easily accessible when you are ready to ask your students a question. Whether you pose a question for that teachable moment or you have prepared a lesson plan with questions, you can instantly capture student responses from a student response clicker system.

Built on a vision of openness, INTERWRITERESPONSE operates equally well with any program, content, digital or non-digital media, and PowerPoint. This flexibility means that you can teach what you want how you want--and not be limited by your software.

INTERWRITERESPONSE will make any content more engaging and interactive, so your students learn more and even have fun doing it.

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