IRS Anywhere

The whole school incorporates the system? All students are handed a remote and that particular remote is his ID? The student can use that remote for all classes. Information entered from that remote links with the school system. A click at the beginning of class can replace taking attendance, and all activities where IRS is used, the student’s response is then stored in the central server.

The teacher has the option to use a PDA. EduClick software is downloaded into the instructor’s PDA. The instructor thus has control over all functions from the PDA. The PDA can show all results on its screen. He/She can then decide what to project onto the screen after reviewing first on the PDA’s screen.

Distinct advantages IRS Anywhere

1. No one else is able to provide this service and setup.
2. Provides real time data.
3. School can track and evaluate both teachers’ and students’ performance.
4. PowerPoint based – ease of use
Quiz mode
Buzz-in mode
Competition mode
Peer Instruction mode
5. Elimination RF system – speed, large number of users, large classrooms

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