Perception Analyzer Software

The Perception Analyzer Software modules provide the tools needed to configure your system, program your questions, collect data, analyze results, and export files for use with other applications.

The Perception Analyzer software consists of four modules: Setup, Edit, Collect, and Report.

Updates to the software modules are periodically available. When Dialsmith provides systems for your project on a consulting basis, we make sure software is current. However, system owners should occasionally check for updates and keep their software up to date.

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View data in graphical format, by individual or group aggregate; or in table format, showing frequencies and/or means Export raw data to Excel® or SPSS® formats Export aggregated data for graphing in spreadsheet or presentation software Print results in table or graph formats Save results in BMP or JPEG formats Save results in HTML format with a table of contents for posting and sharing online
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Dual Monitor
Impromptu Polling
Demographic Polling
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