PowerCom Moment to Moment

How does Moment to Moment work?

Audience members are each given a hand-held keypad to provide moment-to-moment feedback during event screenings. As they watch the presentation, they will repeatedly press ‘Up’, ‘Down,’ or ‘Neutral’ keys, switching between the three soft-keys as their feeling towards the presentation changes. PowerCom M2M records the participants’ real-time feedback and results are displayed in the form of a graph while the presentation is taking place. If preferred, feedback graphs can be arranged into separate demographic categories based on audience responses to questions. Audio and video equipment are necessary to record and display the results of audience feedback for analysis.

What is Moment to Moment used for?

Moment to Moment is a convenient tool that provides continuous feedback to help enhance productions. From marketing campaigns to political debates, Moment to Moment allows you to work with specific points in a presentation in order to make it more favorable for your audience. It is an ideal method of research that can generate quick results to help fine tune your presentations.

Applications and benefits of M2M

1. Commercials and advertisements
2. Media releases
3. Debates
4. Entertainment screenings
5. Presentation competition comparisons and evaluations

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