The tool for professional workshop facilitators aiming to deliver added value through an advanced application. ppvotematrix offers superb visual presentation of assessment results and many ways to analyse the view to enable precise focusing on the issues that matter most and to whom!

Do you get swamped with items to review from a brainstorm session then struggle to do justice to them all? ppvotematrix list sifter/sorterâ„¢ takes the weight off your shoulders and back onto the workshop participants by inviting them to select democratically the items to be included in the assessment. Brilliantly simple, highly effective!

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Win XP, Vista, 7 Office 2000 SR2 or higher, Office XP SR2 or higher, Office 2003 SR2 or higher Minimum Hardware Requirements: Any machine that the recommended O/S will run PowerPoint at a reasonable speed on 100 MB of free disk space for installation
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