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Sharpe Decisions Inc. has worked in Conferences of all sizes and for all types of Government Departments, Corporations and Associations.
Questions can be pre-crafted, done on-the-fly, or as a combination of both.
Participants enjoy the anonymity and the instant feedback shown on the projection screen.
Cross-tabbing can be done live, if Demographics are an important factor in approving decisions to go forward.

Large groups (up to 2,000) can elect Executives into office or select Bargaining Committees, etc.. With radio frequency keypads there are no wires to worry about and results come in quickly and accurately. With Sharpe Decisions Democracy Workshop nominees can be entered when nominated and instant charts appear showing the vote results of each candidate. Voting can continue using the top three or two candidates until a winner is declared. Democracy Workshop saves all vote results as they come in so that results can be printed during or after each vote or session.

Sharpe Decisions Inc. has been involved in Employee Surveys for years in live meetings. Demographic questions can be asked to break down the other Multiple Choice or Rating Scale results after the meeting to show what groups favour what solution or have more problem areas.
Anonymity guarantees valid results and employees favour this method highly over paper surveys.
Managers prefer electronic surveys due to our instant results and reporting functions.
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