ARS TECHNOLOGIES (Audience Response Systems) provides interactive audience response solutions using wireless response keypads and PowerPoint for audience participation during meetings, conventions, trade shows, and more. Our audience response software is a tool that is imported into a PowerPoint presentation for immediate feedback from your audience. We call this a "lean forward technology". We find that the audience "leans forward", pays closer attention and has an increased retention.

We customize the PowerPoint to match your presentation and requests, we help the presenter/speaker present a question or other thought to the entire group that everyone will respond to. The answers are then graphed and projected to facilitate discussion. Questions can be asked before, during and at the end of a presentation or session. It can help drive home key points that the presenter wants to make. It also can provide feedback from the group for their opinions or to get a knowledge level.

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RS TECHNOLOGIES will supply interactive voting keypads to facilitate participation and interaction during conferences, meetings and executive sessions. * We offer the most reliable keypads for optimal performance. * We offer a full interactive multimedia programming service for your meetings or trade shows. * We develop an interactive session that is directly in PowerPoint. * Since every meeting is different, we customize each interactive PowerPoint session to help accomplish every goal you want to achieve with the audience. * We can also provide help standard PowerPoint design. * We are able to give you a look and feel that will give you a step above all the other presentations. No two meetings, focus groups, or training rooms are alike. Even the needs of presenters differ. Plus everyone has a different budget. That's why we offer several styles of rental services
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