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Audience Response Pty Ltd, has been providing interactive services to the Australian conference and meetings industry for many years. In fact, Managing Director Gayle McGovern is one of Australia’s few “veterans” having helped deliver the very first audience response technology way back in the late 80’s. We have worked with some of the best audio visual professionals in the industry. The sheer weight of our experience gives us a unique understanding of our clients’ needs, including a broad knowledge of the technical and logistical aspects of the meetings and events arena. We know what questions to ask, what problems to look out for, and what to do when a challenge arises. The most important thing we promise you is peace of mind.

Audience response technology employs small handheld devices that allow you to gain real time feedback from your audience. As they listen to the presentation, each person has the opportunity to enter responses to questions put to them by the speaker. Data is captured via the response system, stored for later retrieval and reporting, and displayed immediately on screen in graph form for communication and debate. Stored data is available to you in PowerPoint, Excel or MS Access form as soon as the meeting concludes. The technology is used in major scientific or medical conferences; corporate meetings, product launches or exhibitions; debates; game-shows or quizzes, even high level executive planning or risk analysis workshops. The system gives you the tool by which to gain consensus, impart information, test knowledge, elicit opinions, collect market research, maintain engagement or simply to entertain and enthrall.
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