Audience Response in a Box

Audience Response in a Box can create a customized audience response solution to meet your meeting's goals and objectives. We will build your presentation questions, fully test the audience response system and presentation, and then place the response cards and computer in a box and ship it to you. When it arrives you open the box, take out and distribute the equipment, turn on the computer, click on your presentation and begin polling your audience. We can create any size package your meeting requires.

Our company is built on the principles of making easy to use products - foolproof. We take every step possible to ensure that when you open the box, your audience response system will be ready to use. We take the time to carefully create your question slides. We test the entire system. We carefully pack it all with enough instructions to ensure your meeting will be simple to run.

We have invested time in listening to clients needs and have developed a system that meets those needs.

Never before in the history of audience response has it been so incredibly affordable to add audience response to your event. Our unique service offering has established our place in this industry allowing us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

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Hardware/Software Reseller
Rental with Do it yourself service - the system is pre-configured with with all system setups and your presentation
Classrooms, Medical, Corporate between 5-100 users
United States
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(813) 707-8101
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