The KeyPad guys

Presentations and lectures can utilize a polling system integrating audience participation and response with the use of the Audience Response System, or “keypads”. Obtain real-time answers to the interactive questions being asked with the use of this cost effective system.
No more paper hassles or chasing after delegates to complete vital evaluation forms after your meeting!

Save time and money by:
*Not having to print and ship evaluation or survey forms.
* Not having to spend unnecessary hours deciphering surveys / evaluations after your meeting.
* Instantly and accurately access the data collected.

We work with you to create questions that will be presented on video screens during your event. These questions can be multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, ranking. They can ask for opinions or be trivia questions if you choose to format it as a game show. These question screens can be customized with your company logo, meeting message, and/or color scheme. Group Response System. We meet with you and go through your presentation to ensure accuracy and fine tuning before day of your event.

We have programmed your interactive questions and now are ready to setup screen and projector to present to your audience. Our technician(s) show up on site with the required equipment ready to make your presentation a success.
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