Surrey Based Digital Production Studio
We realise that in being highly skilled designers and technicians our team always carries the risk of being branded geeks. Of course this is why we win awards, but we also keep our clients satisfied by being proactive communicators and excellent listeners especially when it comes to interpreting project briefs.

A Diverse Team of Specialists
The directors of Mediastation are all hands-on specialists who believe fundamentally in the principle of leading from the front. The skilled team they have built up around them is motivated by the can-do culture and close understanding of other team members' tasks interwoven through every stage of a project. Designers, programmers, technicians, wordsmiths and creative directors are assigned and work as a single team, all sharing ideas and problem solving. We draw the line at holding hands though!

And a Whip!
And who keeps the preciously creative designers enmeshed with the highly logic-minded technicians? Every project is managed and coordinated by a project manager who strokes egos and bangs heads together to deliver what you need when you need it, and without slaughtering the budget. A few tears but no argument. Just results.

And Working in a Field?
Well, not quite. We chose the beautiful wilds of Surrey to headquarter our creative studios. This has brought us considerable strength by being able to tap into a highly skilled local workforce, given us creative quiet and comfort, and more square feet of studio space per buck. We’re also less than an hour away from London by train, close to the major motorway networks and within easy reach of both Heathrow and Gatwick.

Doesn’t Our Studio Require Electricity?
Jam packed full of state-of-the-art wizardry (although the kettle probably does need replacing if we’re honest) we’d be lost without it. Fully functional demo rooms, cinema room, edit suites, the new media studio, and multi- and touch-screen facilities are home to our happy band. We’ve still yet to agree the back-up treadmill generator rota though..

Get out of the city!
Come and visit us, We have a continuous supply of hot coffee always on tap - and a remarkable range of great country pubs!
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