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The beginning . . .
Engaged in electronic systems integration since 1985, ORTEK personnel began provid­ing innovative product solutions for the market research industry. The Perception Analyzer (PA) was the first-generation system, setting the stage for future real-time, group-polling systems. State-of-the-art computer technology was applied to address the demanding re­quirements for audience response measurement and group data col­lec­tion. For the first time, a powerful tool was placed in the hands of market research pro­fessionals. It revo­lutionized the primary data collection methodology for many qualita­tive and quantita­tive research applications. Now researchers can see the results dis­played in real-time while a group registers its responses. ORTEK's response-mea­sure­ment tech­nology has proved to be the most accurate and efficient means of deter­mining a group's consensus on any topic or test material. The data accuracy and value, coupled with the reduction in processing time/labor, results in significant cost savings for ORTEK's cus­tomers.
ODS and the Preference Analyzer . . .
Shortly after its incorporation in 1988, ORTEK Data Systems introduced the second-gen­er­ation group polling system, the Preference Analyzer. It achieved rapid suc­cess and found its way into many research-related applications in business and edu­ca­tion. In 1989, the Rapid Analysis and Testing Environment (RATE) was introduced as an inte­grated system solution for those researchers measuring group reactions to au­dio/visual presentations. The RATE system, with its real-time, video overlay capabil­ity, enabled agency clients to save large sums of advertising money by helping to iden­tify flaws dur­ing the pre-testing of ads – before they were broadcast.
Product advancements . . .
In 1992, ODS began shipping its low-cost EXPRESS 300 system, which featured, for the first time, a powerful combination of a keypad and dial on the same response device. The EXPRESS 300 rep­resented a dramatic breakthrough in price and put group response measurement tech­nology into the hands of those professional researchers requiring it. In 1995, ODS introduced its first wireless system, the EXPRESS 500. Continuing to demonstrate its leadership, ODS is now shipping its second-generation wireless system, the EXPRESS 700. The EXPRESS 700 continues to offer the proven and versatile keypad/dial combination used in earlier models, due to its ergonomic benefits and popularity. Constantly striving for improvement, each successive model has added new fea­tures, such as: greater capacity, more functionality, extended presentation graphics, greater speed, better portability, or enhanced user interface.
ODS commitment . . .
Having pioneered in their development, ODS became a leading manufac­turer in audience response-measurement systems for the market research industry. Much of ODS’s success is at­tributable to its customer-oriented philosophy, to which its employees are attuned. Customer ser­vice and satisfaction have always been, and will continue to be, the top priority at ORTEK Data Systems. In addition, ODS emphasizes quality in its product design and manu­facturing, backed by strong warranty coverage. Complementing the product line, is a comprehensive set of support services, including: training, consult­ing, upgrades, re­fer­rals, phone tech-support, rentals service and warranty repair.
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