Rocket's Audience Response Service

Rocket’s Audience Response Service (ARS) enables you to receive immediate (anonymous or not) feedback to specific questions from an audience or delegates. The ROI from utilizing Audience Response Services are time tested and proven: you keep people involved in your meeting and see their responses immediately in an array of customizable formats. Immediate access to participants answers will enable you to determine how well they understand and where the discussions need to focus more energy to achieve the desired goals. Our systems allow you to embed multimedia files for creating dynamic presentations.

Rocket’s Audience Response Service (ARS) Services

- Complete Audience Response System (ARS)
- ARS Specialist to assist you before, during and after your event
- Useable data upon completion of your event
- Unparalleled customer service that will exceed your expectations

Rocket’s Audience Response Service (ARS) Benefits

With Rocket’s Audience Response Service (ARS), you can:

- Keep attendees involved in the proceedings
- Obtain immediate feedback
- Evaluate needs in real time
- Promote discussion
- Increase retention
- Gather data essential to your organization
- For our Synthesis XPw Software we have a custom software solution designed specifically for Medical Scales and Rater Training Programs that allows for a zero to be the lowest or first answer.

Corporations, continuing education programs, pharmaceutical teams, law firms, production facilities, associations and government agencies have all realized the benefits of using audience response services (ARS) for their meetings, conventions, seminars, training courses, etc.

Remote Rocket’s Audience Response Service (ARS) can be used for ...

- Interactive conferences, seminars, and training programs
- Delegate or shareholder voting sessions
- Group decision
- Strategic planning
- Focus group research
- Employee and customer surveys
- Opinion analysis
- Skills Assessment
- ... and more!
Rocket’s Audience Response Service (ARS) System Details

Rockets Audience Response Service (ARS) systems are portable interactive audience response and electronic voting tools. We employ the Reply® Worldwide system. With 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, our systems operate flawlessly in conjunction with other RF devices (WLANs, PDAs, phones, etc.). Systems are available for use in the U.S. (FCC certified), Canada (IC certified) and Europe (CE certified), as well as many other international regions/countries.

Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between presenters and participants improves audience attentiveness, interest, comprehension and recall. Direct involvement and instantaneous feedback also promote more effective communication. The end result? Greater effectiveness and productivity—both for the presenter and the audience members.
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