Using our technology you can keep your audiences awake, engaged, and excited! Now you can cost effectively get instant response from your audience. ARS, or Audience Response Systems, are the fastest growing way to gather evaluation data from audiences of any size. And with the introduction of this new product, everyone can afford to have the energy of this powerful tool at their meetings.

With an Audience Response System you can:

* Increase your bottom line
* Poll live audiences for instant feedback
* Get real time answers to important questions
* Test understanding and comprehension in training sessions
* Encourage candid, confidential response to issues and ideas
* Understand how demographics influence audience opinions
* Make your meetings productive, interactive, and innovative
* Complete evaluations/reviews at end of session

Included with our system is a revolutionary new software tool that enables the presenter to administer real-time assessments of audience participants from within PowerPoint. With 100% integration into PowerPoint, you can now seamlessly identify and confirm participant understanding, increase participant attentiveness and comprehension, and gather, rank and report critical information simultaneously with the delivery of your presentation.

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