ARS SNAP software is the easiest way to include audience response into your slideshows. SNAP’s unique Content Analysis™ feature automatically recognizes any PowerPoint slide that contains a question created in standard enumerated text slide format. These slides are then equipped with a SNAP trigger that you can choose to start audience polling…and instantly display a graph at the end of the polling clock. If it is truly NOT a polling slide, just ignore the trigger and move on with your presentation as normal.

There is no need to modify your slides or set the number of choices—SNAP handles it for you. All you need to do is run SNAP, select your presentation file, check the preview in options for appropriate color scheme and go! Advanced features allow you to define questions as team, filter, roster, ranking, or multiple selection in the SNAP Control Property in PowerPoint for applications such as team or individual competition. For gaming and scoring, correct answers with point values need to be identified. When using comparative graphs, simply indicate the slide for comparison with a simple copy and paste of the “Slide ID” for comparison.

SNAP is licensed to use with FLEETWOOD wireless response systems.

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Licensed with Fleetwood
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